SOLOS for Sport

Counterfeiting is a major problem for all sports brands.

For the first time, sports brands have an opportunity to get back against the scourge of counterfeit apparel.

With SOLOS Smartwear technology, clubs can protect their brand, connect with supporters on a deeper level and support sponsors with customer data and insights that add real value to the relationship.

Counterfeit apparel statistics are hard to believe.

Crowd – 48,397
Revenue loss $2.4 million, for one game
Counterfeit merchandise – 19,869 (41%)

But now, with SOLOS Smartwear technology, sports brands can provide real incentives for supporters to buy authentic merchandise.

Fans pair the SOLOS Smart Tag to the App on their device.

Driving Value to and from supporters.

Each authentic sports jersey has a built-in or attached RFID and NFC technology.

When fans tap on to the SOLOS Smart Tag, a new immersive experience of engagement and anticipation begins, whether they are in the stadium, at home, at a venue or on the other side of the world.

Personalised, real-time notifications pre, post & during the game.

It’s the future of game day.

Send surprise offers, such as discounted food and drinks, partner offers, behind the scenes access or interactive experiences – all in real time, pre, post and during the game, but only to fans who purchase authentic of official merchandise.

  • Exclusive VIP content
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Money-can’t-buy-experiences
  • Drive fans to pre and post game venues or an ‘after party’ inside the stadium.

Touch-free entry to the stadium keeps fans safe and engaged.

Fans can enter the stadium through SOLOS’ proprietary smart gates which connect the NFC infrastructure to ticketing and point of sale systems.

Their authentic jersey now has the capability to become a game ticket or e-wallet and provide exclusive, tailored offers to increase sales.

With SOLOS Smart Gates fans get expedited, contactless entry into the venue which is now a key component to the fan experience in a post-Covid world.

When the fan experience goes to a new level, so does the data.

Digitally connecting fans to their team, and sponsors.

Our data platform, powered by the SOLOS Smartwear, drives analytics and insights on fan engagement and experiences that are highly personalised and targeted, exponentially increasing the value of any sponsorship.

Not only can we connect with fans and know who is in the crowd, we learn their movements when they’re in the stadium, at an external venue or even in their own lounge room.

Sponsors can engage in real-time connectivity with supporters, even when the team is playing away or in Europe. Plus, they can directly connect to fans in other parts of the world.

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