SOLOS for Retail

In fashion, inventory accuracy is imperative for omni-channel success.

SOLOS technology addresses a major problem for the fashion industry.

With end-to-end system benefits, we can;

Protect from counterfeiting

Help build brand engagement

Eliminate manual stock counting

Reduce shrinkage / leakage

Reduce out-of-stock occurrences

Lower manufacturing, logistics & supply chain costs

Greater delivery-in-full-on-time (DIFOT) results

Reduces inventory

SOLOS Smart Labels deliver an end-to-end solution.

Introducing our SOLOS Smart Label – the future of retail.

SOLOS reduces multiple labels to one unique Smart Label.

Guarantees apparel authenticity

Allows brands to engage with customers in unique personalised ways, delighting and incentivising further purchases of authentic products

Enables major cost savings through a quantum leap in inventory management

Surprise and delight offers engage and incentivise customers…

Julia just purchased clothes at a SOLOS enabled store

It's Fashion Week and Julia has just passed a billboard in Times Square advertising Fendi bags

Julia gets a special offer for an exclusive behind-the-scenes event at fashion Week and 30% off a Fendi bag

Watch Some Testimonials From Our Retail Clients

SOLOS – RFID Store Testimonial

SOLOS – Smart Mirror Store Testimonial

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